1826             First mention of KLHS in Newspaper Archives

1835  Nov     Chrysanthemum Show in old Corn Exchange. In first 9 years of society Mr Hawes (Gardener to Mr                                        Bagge) had won 180 prizes. 

1840               During this period there were 4 shows a year most notably the Dahlia show in the Market Room (Corn                                Exchange) which was decorated with 5 - 6000 Dahlias and 200 - 300 yards of Laurel. The letters in the                                names Victoria and Albert were formed in different coloured Dahlias, all decorated by Catlin & Son from                              Cambridge The gardener for Mr Everard made a model of a flower garden incl. greenhouse, pond, lawn                              etc entirely from flowers.

1841               It was rumoured that due to the expense of the previous years show this would the last as reported in the                        Cambridge Independent Press.

1841 to 1861  No Society. But in the meantime in 1854 the current Corn Exchange and the Athenaeum (In Baxters                                     Plain) which were to be well used by the KLHS

1861                Summer Shows resumed in Corn Exchange with music provided by the Lynn Rifle Corps Band. Nov                                     Chrysanth Show held in Music Hall in Athenaeum, Baxters Plain.

1862 - 64.        Shows in Corn Exchange and Athenaeum.

1868.                Show at Downham Market with Norfolk Agricultural Show

1869                  Opening of Alexandra Dock

 1870 - 1889     There appear to be no records from 1870 to 1889 when the Society was reformed by  a Mr Morriss,                                      who was the owner of Greyfriars School,with a new committee. The first year 1890 there were a                                            total of 184 members which had grown to 247 the following year. Monthly shows were held with                                          an Annual Show held in s tent which due to wind and rain collapsed resulting in the show being                                            moved to St James Rooms in the Athenaeum.                                                                                              1891                   The Annual Summer Show attracted 77 exhibitors with 950 entries and ended with a concert by                                            the Police Band. The Rose Show, over 2 days, was held in a 200ft x 30ft tent in a field next to the Walks.                              A steam roller was hired to level the field for dancing.                                                                                     1893                  The Society became affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.                                                                 1894                   Rose, Dahlia, Summer and Chrysanthemum Shows were all 2 day events held in the Corn Exchange                                     and  mostly opened by Lord Farquhar, the local MP,  who lived at Castle Rising or his wife                    1898.                   Summer Show held in Tower Field belonging to Mr Beart .and featured a decorated bicycle                                                     competition with prizes the equivalent of £1.50, £1.00 & 50p.  Police were hired to guard the exhibits. 1899                    Prince of Wales and Duke of Rutland became Vice Presidents. The Summer Show included a children's                               section. Meetings were held in a variety of places including Town Hall, Working Men's Club and Bank                                   Room and Blackfriars Hall both being in the Athenaeum..                                                                           1900 to 1919 no records available.

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