Using the Windows Sidebar with the King's Lynn Horticultural Society's Webpage

If you've got Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you'll have the windows sidebar. If it's not already started, click on the start button and type sidebar, wait until 'Windows Sidebar' appears at the top and hit enter.

In this example I'm using Windows Vista.

To add a gadget, click on the 'gadgets' button (the plus) at the top of the sidebar.

Add a gadget

 Wait for the 'Gadget Gallery' to start, and then locate the 'feed headlines' gadget and drag it on to your windows desktop.

Gadget Gallery

Now go back to the KLHS Newsletter page and click on the  'Subscribe to this blog' button. You'll probably have to use Internet Explorer for this bit. A new windows will appear and click on 'Subscribe to this feed'.

Internet Explorer

Next a little dialogue box will come up, asking you to input a name and select a location for your feed.

Subscribe to this feed

Type in 'KLHS News' as the name and click on the 'New Folder' button. Another little window will appear.

Type 'KLHS' as the Folder Name, then click on create.

You should now be returned to the 'Subscribe to this feed' dialogue, and KLHS should be the folder selected.  CLick Subscribe. You can now close Internet Explorer if you want to.

Go back to the desktop and click on the little  spanner next to the gadget. (You'll have to move the mouse over the top of the gadget in order to see it)

Click on the down arrow next to the 'Display this feed:' box, and look for KLHS\KLHS News. Click on it and click OK. 

To read a story, all you have to do is click on the Title on the Gadget.  

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